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    Course Overview

Championship Golf in Central Massachusetts

Blackstone National Golf Club is an Par 72 - 18 Hole Championship Golf Course located in the heart of Central Massachusetts. Its picturesque vistas, abundant wildlife and challenging layout have made it a favorite among golfers from all over New England.

According to the course's designer Rees Jones, "the style of Blackstone is dictated by the contours of the land. The importance of the visual impact of a golf hole from the tee should never be underestimated. Natural elements are embellished and created elements are made to look natural. Every hole at Blackstone is customized to enhance what nature offers, always with sensitivity to environmental issues."

Blackstone National Golf Club - Course Layout & Tour


Course Info

  • Hole #1

    Hole #1

    The opening hole at Blackstone National is an ideal warm-up hole.  It has a straight shot to an open fairway with room to miss to the right.

    A tee shot to the right, side will leave a short iron second. A ridge which runs the width of the green makes club selection paramount. A well groomed approach allows for a bump and run, or a short iron.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 358 4 15
    Blue 331 4 15
    White 320 4 15
    Green 307 4 15
    Red 251 4 15
  • Hole # 2

    Hole # 2

    This long Par 5 is as challenging as it is beautiful. A long tee shot will definitely help, but beware of the gentle dog-leg to the left - hit it too far left or right and you limit the options for your approach shot.

    A well placed second shot to the right of center offers the best angle to approach this green. Ideal lay-up distance is approximately 125 yards as the fairway narrows greatly from there, to a green that slopes from front to back.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 589 5 1
    Blue 575 5 1
    White 564 5 1
    Green 497 5 1
    Red 459 5 1
  • Hole #3

    Hole #3

    This beautiful, but deceptive Par 3 requires a careful club selection. It will penalize the player that doesn't manage the distance. The wide 2-tiered green slopes markedly from right to left and places an even higher premium on shot placement. The carry is more than you think!

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 169 3 13
    Blue 154 3 13
    White 140 3 13
    Green 129 3 13
    Red 113 3 13
  • Hole #4

    Hole #4

    A difficult 390 yard uphill par 4. A good drive is the key to success here. It is the the number 2 handicap hole. The green is wide open down the left side with ample bail out area, but is well protected with cavernous grass and sand bunkers to the right. A large pine tree behind the green is a great directional marker.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 407 4 3
    Blue 393 4 3
    White 380 4 3
    Green 281 4 3
    Red 272 4 3
  • Hole #5

    Hole #5

    The first of several classic "risk / reward holes", the Par 4, 5th Hole offers a challenge for those players that want to leave themselves a short chip shot to the green.

    Beware of the hazards to the left and the bunkers placed at strategic distances left and right. Whether you play it aggressively or like to manage your distances, this picturesque hole provides a great birdie opportunity.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 350 4 17
    Blue 346 4 17
    White 339 4 17
    Green 330 4 17
    Red 302 4 17
  • Hole #6

    Hole #6

    The 6th Hole at Blackstone is more challenging than its distance might indicate. Tee-shots to the right afford the best view of the green, however there are bunkers and out-of-bounds to the left for those that get a bit too agressive.

    The tallest pine on the horizon offers a great target to plan your approach to the green.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 429 4 5
    Blue 425 4 5
    White 360 4 5
    Green 340 4 5
    Red 299 4 5
  • Hole #7

    Hole #7

    Tee shots favoring the left side of the green are rewarded on this long Par 3 as the gentle hills to the left will often provide a good bounce towards this large and receptive green. The deep bunkers and slope on the right can make for a very challenging "up and down".

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 213 3 7
    Blue 196 3 7
    White 175 3 7
    Green 130 3 7
    Red 107 3 7
  • Hole #8

    Hole #8

    Long hitters will love the challenge of hitting over the bunker on the right…some have been known to cut off even more of the corner by hitting over the trees. Either approach gives you a chance to get home in two, however the green is well guarded by bunkers front and back.

    The kidney-shaped green slopes gently from left to right and back to front...rewarding many who play a bump and run up the fairway which leads to the left side of the green.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 494 5 9
    Blue 480 5 9
    White 470 5 9
    Green 457 5 9
    Red 434 5 9
  • Hole #9

    Hole #9

    The final hole on the front nine is wide open. Bunkers right and left of the landing area will force a good drive. While this may seem like a good birdie opportunity, the green is narrow and deep, protected by deep bunkers left and right.

    Most who play Blackstone regularly would tell you to shoot for the middle of the green and leave the rest for your putter.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 383 4 11
    Blue 363 4 11
    White 353 4 11
    Green 313 4 11
    Red 261 4 11
  • Hole #10

    Hole #10

    The Par 4 10th hole is wide and forgiving to start the back nine, however it remains one of the more challenging holes at Blackstone. Its posted yardage is deceiving as this hole not only plays uphill, but often into the prevailing wind.

    The narrow, long green is undulating wtih a hidden tier in the back right. The mounds right and bunker left, make a skilled approach shot crucial to starting the back with a par.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 410 4 4
    Blue 396 4 4
    White 384 4 4
    Green 366 4 4
    Red 337 4 4
  • Hole #11

    Hole #11

    On its surface, the Par 3 11th hole appears to be as easy a hole as it is picturesque…but looks can be deceiving. The prevailing winds often swirl, creating a right-to-left wind that can bring the pond into play.

    The green is fairly wide, but is deceivingly long on the left side, making the middle of the green the "name of the game" on a hole that some call "Blackbird" because of the many Red-Winged Blackbirds that call the pond, home.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 173 3 18
    Blue 160 3 18
    White 147 3 18
    Green 125 3 18
    Red 115 3 18
  • Hole #12

    Hole #12

    The 12th is another beautiful "risk / reward hole"… It has a wide driving area which most can hit with a long iron fairway wood, however there are hazards if you are short or too far left or right.

    Some "big hitters" will take advantage of the tailwind that is often blowing on this hole to blast it down past much of the trouble. With a small green those longer shots make the green easier to hit, but more difficult to hold without a little backspin. Do not fly this green, it makes for a difficult up and down.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 382 4 14
    Blue 358 4 14
    White 335 4 14
    Green 270 4 14
    Red 250 4 14
  • Hole #13

    Hole #13

    The 13th is another of Blackstone's beautiful but challenging Par 3's. Avoiding the hazard and bunkers on the left results in a lot of delicate chips to this large green, preserving a lot of "up and downs".

    Golfers often play the bounce off the right side hill to give themselves a less risky shot at par.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 208 3 10
    Blue 190 3 10
    White 185 3 10
    Green 160 3 10
    Red 140 3 10
  • Hole #14

    Hole #14

    The 14th Hole is a dream for players that have a natural fade. With a slope from left to right and a slight dogleg to the right, most will hit their drive up the left side and let it fade into the middle, leaving a wide open approach shot.

    The green is big and deep, an enormous bunker protects the right, and a pot bunker protects the left side of this green.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 399 4 8
    Blue 387 4 8
    White 383 4 12
    Green 378 4 8
    Red 333 4 8
  • Hole #15

    Hole #15

    You are on top of the world standing on the 15th tee. This dog leg left falls 100 feet from tee to green. A safe drive is straight away giving you 200 yards to the green. An aggresive drive is right over the bunkers shortning the hole considerably. This sets you up with a short iron, and a birdie opportunity.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 486 4 2
    Blue 481 4 2
    White 470 4 2
    Green 440 4 2
    Red 400 4 2
  • Hole #16

    Hole #16

    The long Par 5, 16th at Blackstone is a hole that many golfers just want to grab par. It has a lot of area to shoot to, both of the tee and in your approach, but it is long and not without trouble with a hazard left and deep woods right.

    The green is large, protected by pot bunkers front right and a deep recessed bunker left. The gentle slope in the green rolls true but has a few unexpected breaks. Make par and get out of Dodge!

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 588 5 6
    Blue 568 5 6
    White 550 5 6
    Green 481 5 6
    Red 438 5 6
  • Hole #17

    Hole #17

    Take your drive down the left side hugging the tree line. It is a dog leg left with the fairway running left to right. Your second shot is an interesting choice - fly the ball to the green, or use the slope approaching the hole to "bump and run". Great birdie hole.

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 386 4 16
    Blue 372 4 16
    White 365 4 16
    Green 350 4 16
    Red 315 4 16
  • Hole #18

    Hole #18

    Many matches are won and lost on this risk reward par 5, 18th hole at Blackstone. A well-placed drive into this ample fairway provides a magnificent view of the green and the clubhouse. It also gives the aggressive player a shot at reaching the well protected green in 2. A well placed second shot to the fairway still leaves a short chip and a great chance at birdie.

    The choice is yours on one of New England's best finishing holes!

    Tees Yardage Par Handicap
    Black 485 5 12
    Blue 480 5 12
    White 476 5 12
    Green 450 5 12
    Red 377 5 12

Rates and Fees

Greens Fees (prices include tax)Non-MemberInner Club
Weekday Rates  
18 Holes - Monday-Thursday (Open - 3:20pm) $47 $36
Super Twilight - Monday-Thursday after 3:30pm $27 $14
Weekend Rates (Carts Mandatory)  
18 Holes - Friday-Sunday (includes Cart & Range) $89 $59
Super Twilight - Friday-Sunday after 3:20pm (Includes Cart & Range) $47 $28
Junior Rates  
9 Holes $20
18 Holes $35  -
Senior Rates    -
18 Holes  - Monday - Thursday (Open - 10AM) $49  -
Cart Fees (prices do not include tax)Non-MemberInner Club
18 Holes & Twilight per person $21 $20
9 Holes & Super Twilight per person $13 $13

Other Info 

  • Weekend Rates on Holidays
  • Rates are subject to change at any time
  • Par View GPS Graphic Yardage System include on all carts
  • Carts are mandatory on the weekend

Tee Time Policy for Non-Members:

  • Reservations may be made 10 days in advance by Booking Online or 7 days by calling the Pro Shop during business hours at 508.865.2111 Ext 3

Check in time is ½ hour before your tee time...

Rates are Subject to Change at General Manager's discretion.


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