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    Blackstone National Golf Club - Par 3 - 13th Hole Layout

The 13th is another of Blackstone's beautiful but challenging Par 3's. Avoiding the hazard and bunkers on the left results in a lot of delicate chips to this large green, preserving a lot of "up and downs".
Golfers often play the bounce off the right side hill to give themselves a less risky shot at par.
Click on the picture below for a "flyover view" of the 13th hole...
Flyover View of the Par 3 13th Hole at Blackstone National Golf Club
Black 208  3 10
Blue 190  3 10
White 185 3 10
Green 160  3 10
Red 140  3 10

Blackstone National Golf Club – 13th Hole - Par 3 Layout 

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