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    Junior Intramural League

The fifteenth season of the Blackstone National Junior Intramural League is set to start. We are hoping for and anticipating the arrival of some brand new eager juniors who want to learn the game of golf. We are also expecting many of the regulars that are well underway for a lifetime of recreation and enjoyment. One thing all PGA Professional golfers and Instructors agree on is that you want to start the game early in life. We at Blackstone National are excited and happy to make that happen.

The intramural league runs into June and the next logical activity is the PGA Junior League. Over the last few years, some of our boys and girls at the conclusion of the intramural league continued on to compete in the PGA Junior League. The Blackstone National team was fortunate to win the Central Massachusetts championship and with that send five players to the All Star team. Along with seven other golfers in the Central Mass area, the team competed successfully all the way to the final match for the state championship. The experience was the first of many involving golf for these kids and I'm guessing they are hooked for life. As a PGA Professional it was extremely rewarding and exciting to watch them enjoy the game and their time with each other.

This is a new season and the Blackstone National Staff is ready to go! Please take a look at the different opportunities.

Middle School or Elementary School 

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