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    Blackstone National Golf Club - Par 3 - 11th Hole Layout

On its surface, the Par 3 11th hole appears to be as easy a hole as it is picturesque…but looks can be deceiving. The prevailing winds often swirl, creating a right-to-left wind that can bring the pond into play. 
The green is fairly wide, but is deceivingly long on the left side, making the middle of the green the "name of the game" on a hole that some call "Blackbird" because of the many Red-Winged Blackbirds that call the pond, home.
Click on the picture below for a "flyover view" of the 11th hole...
Black  173  3 18
Blue 160  3 18
White 147 3 18
Green 125  3 18
Red 115  3 18

Blackstone National Golf Club – 11th Hole - Par 3 Layout