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    Blackstone National Golf Club - Par 4 - 12th Hole Layout

The 12th is another beautiful "risk / reward hole"… It has a wide driving area which most can hit with a long iron fairway wood, however there are hazards if you are short or too far left or right.
Some "big hitters" will take advantage of the tailwind that is often blowing on this hole to blast it down past much of the trouble. With a small green those longer shots make the green easier to hit, but more difficult to hold without a little backspin. Do not fly this green, it makes for a difficult up and down.
Click on the picture below for a "flyover view" of the 12th hole...
Flyover View of the Par 4 12th Hole at Blackstone National Golf Club
Black 382 4 14
Blue 358  4 14
White 335 4 14
Green  270  4 14
Red  250  4 14

Blackstone National Golf Club – 12th Hole - Par 4 Layout