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    Blackstone National Golf Club - Par 5 - 2nd Hole Layout

This long Par 5 is as challenging as it is beautiful. A long tee shot will definitely help, but beware of the gentle dog-leg to the left - hit it too far left or right and you limit the options for your approach shot.
A well placed second shot to the right of center offers the best angle to approach this green. Ideal lay-up distance is approximately 125 yards as the fairway narrows greatly from there, to a green that slopes from front to back.
Click on the picture below for a "flyover view" of the 2nd hole...
Flyover View of the Par 5 2nd Hole at Blackstone National Golf Club
Black 589 5 1
Blue 575 5 1
White 564 5 1
Green 497 5 1
Red 459 5 1

Blackstone National Golf Club – 2nd Hole - Par 5 Layout