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    Blackstone National Golf Club - Par 4 - 6th Hole Layout

The 6th Hole at Blackstone is more challenging than its distance might indicate.  Tee-shots to the right afford the best view of the green, however there are bunkers and out-of-bounds to the left for those that get a bit too agressive.
The tallest pine on the horizon offers a great target to plan your approach to the green.
Click on the picture below for a "flyover view" of the 6th hole...
Flyover View of the Par 4 6th Hole at Blackstone National Golf Club
Black 429 4 5
Blue 425 4 5
White 360 4 5
Green 340 4 5
Red 299 4 5

Blackstone National Golf Club – 6th Hole - Par 4 Layout